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Why I Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Foster and Adoption Placement

Yes. I am an adoption mom writing this. BUT. I’m an adoption mom in this world. This world that so often gets really confused really fast…about what we are called to as the hands and feet of Jesus, what it means to have a heart like Jesus and what it means to have open hands […]

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Allen Martin - September 18, 2015 - 9:48 pm

Powerful! Thank you Andrea for speaking straight to my heart! Much love from Auburn!

Karen Twombly - September 19, 2015 - 11:01 am

…amen… Because we want RESTORATION!!! On Earth as it is in Heaven!!! In one moment some of my sweet ones wish out loud they were with their birth mom…and then later they wish they were born from my “tummy” …or that I had adopted them earlier… They struggle for restoration. One Mama or the other…but why must both be in the heart? So, we pray for restoration. If not here on Earth, then in Heaven. I tell them to pray that somewhere their birth mom and birth dad are putting their faith in Jesus. And if we have to wait until Heaven to all be together we will wait with hopeful expectation to love each other together. Oh how I will love on THAT day to say: “I love them with all that I had and and here they are”…and we can love them together in perfect unity!!!

How to Love Kids Who Have Been Through Trauma

I can’t sleep. So I’m writing. Much too late. But I saw a child today who is losing his voice…and I failed to help him. I was sitting on the row behind them. There to watch my son rock out a pretty amazing acrobatics performance. He has hypotonic muscles due to his severe malnourishment in […]

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Blessings of birthdays…

What a blessings SUNDAY was!! Not because it was Mother’s Day. That’s grand. But what’s even grandeur is having HIM home…to celebrate. So his actual birthday was on Mother’s day…on Sunday…so we rocked the pirate out. I think the big kids had more fun than the preschoolers:) Happy birthday to my Zekie!! I’m so blessed […]

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