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So many of my black friends are quieter right now—and I asked why. There’s so much pain…mixed with fear of a lie that has been a truth on repeat “nothings ever gonna change”. So many of my white friends are quieter because they just don’t know what to say and know they will never understand…so […]

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Black Lives Matter

We have to stop to make it stop. We have to come back and address our racism and say we are sorry to move forward. We have to stop preaching the wrong things from the pulpit—our views, what makes the pew warmers happy or comfortable—and preach truth…the reality in America, reality in our heart and […]

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Movies that Build Character for Teens

We started this thing last week in our family quarantine. We made movie 🍿 night almost every night for the big kids (teens) after the littles go to bed. We made a list—many of our friends suggestions added…a few they have seen but wanted to add for your list if you want to follow suit! […]

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Family Devotional to Begin the New Year

We tend to put so much focus on Christmas that when it’s over we don’t even know what day it is until the new year arrives. We aren’t sure some times where to start, but something in our hearts feels we need more…to look for and find some of the wonder we felt as sang Silent […]

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