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Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday.

Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

Today you will most likely hear teachers of the Word talk about Jesus coming into Holy Week on a donkey. In all my years of farm living I’ve YET to hear a pastor explain to the people WHY this is so mind boggling. It usually goes something like this based on pretty words from research books about the significance of a donkey being poor and humble and meek…then they move on.

And every time I want to hit my head on a wall. Preach a sermon on the poor? Go spend years living with poor and your perspective on the scripture on the poor changes. The significance of a donkey? All the donkey owners are blown away with this verse…And Jesus spoke (Mk.11)

“saying to them, “Go to the village ahead of you, and just as you enter it, you will find a colt tied there, which no one has ever ridden. Untie it and bring it here.”

My friends. Have you ever spent some time with an untrained donkey colt? Have you ever untied an untrained donkey colt that someone has tied to a tree (I promise you this—an untrained colt colt tied to a tree is what we call a ticked off donkey tied to a tree!)—and tried to take him just 2 feet after untying him? You KNOW what happens after you untie a colt from a tree don’t you? You donkey owners are DYING HERE. After he gets done bucking—you know what is forelegs are doing already right? Locked. Loaded. And ain’t going NO WHERE.

Up the game folks. Have you ever tried to get him to walk toward another person let alone a crowd? Ain’t happening. What about a crowd of cheering people? This is like insane friends. Let’s up the game a little more here—do you know what would happen if you took an untrained colt and just put a blanket on his back? DYING y’all.

Jesus said get a colt which has never been ridden and bring him to me.

Symbolism of poor? Humble? Meek? Missing it?

Y’all. If your pastor misses this part of the miracle—you have got to extend the invitation to come out to the Young Family Farm ASAP and let me give him a VERY simple instruction to go get that untrained colt in my back pasture and JUST bring him to me. I won’t ask him to bring him through a crowd. I won’t ask him to keep him calm through aisles of people waving palm branches or screaming. I certainly won’t risk your pastor’s life so I wouldn’t dare ask him to attempt riding on his back. Gracious no!

I’m 99% sure this has far less with being symbolic of poverty and I’m 💯certain the people here were amazed and as mind-blown as I am because during this time everyone knew this…riding an untrained, unridden colt in a loud space with branches coming toward him was IMPOSSIBLE. If Jesus was trying to show them just poor and humble he would have simply walked himself through the crowd. But He wanted to show them IMPOSSIBLE. Have you ever waved a plastic bag around a donkey colt because that’s pretty close to the sound palm branches make? Try doing that at the next donkey farm you visit and the owner might pop you over the head for trying to spook his colts.

Oh but gracious. The King of Kings was a miracle maker.

“Go to the village ahead of you, and just as you enter it, you will find a colt tied there, which no one has ever ridden. Untie it and bring it here.”


And just like that the colt came.

“When they brought the colt to Jesus and threw their cloaks over it, he sat on it. Many people spread their cloaks on the road, while others spread branches they had cut in the fields. Those who went ahead and those who followed shouted,

“Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”
“Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David!”
“Hosanna in the highest heaven!”

He got on him and rode him. Miraculous. Calmly. A donkey—especially a colt—is anything but MEEK. Gracious no. But to the King. The donkey was meek. An UNBROKEN donkey is never in a million years meek. But something about meeting the Savior instantly broke him—in a way those of us who know Him can’t explain it either. And that colt took him closer to the cross.

As you enter into Palm Sunday and the Holy Week ask Him to take you closer to the cross. If He can take a colt—nothing is too much, too hard, too far gone, too impossible for Him. My gracious He loves you. This impossible ride was for YOU. May you know this King who makes the impossible possible. He can walk with you toward ANYTHING and conquer it FOR YOU. Don’t miss the miracle. He wants to do them over and over in your life. Trusting Him with you.


Cherokee County Building Inspections – Not for the faint of heart.

Y’all. Oh my gracious. The barn build on The Young Family Farm continues…but we live in Cherokee County (not to be confused with North Carolina or Texas’ Cherokee County)…Georgia–y’all where it’s no joke to deal with the county’s building department. I want a place to do all the projects–to store all the things–to have a little get away from the crazy in the crazy. But if you really want crazy–move to Cherokee County Georgia and try to build a shed or barn folks. I’m wondering at this point if I can even build a dog house without getting Congress involved;) So welcome to the fun of a small build in Cherokee County where even a unknowing construction guy with a cigarette on a roof can slow down all the things and the inspectors throw flags faster than refs in the last 5 seconds of SEC championship.

I submitted the basically basic form that was holding up all the things (checked the residential box and not commercial because er’body just wants dibs of the money if you were to be making it…which we just like to pour out instead here;). But just in case they need more, I included this letter of intent for all the details;) After all–a week delay putting hard working guys out of work twiddling their thumbs waiting for approval leaves you with lots of extra words right? I don’t cuss or smoke so writing will have to suffice here folks…getting crazy up in here;)

December 28, 2018

Building permit people and all the flag holders–please and thank you.

Fire Marshall at Cherokee County, Inspectors and the Inspectors of the Inspectors

1130 Bluffs Pkwy, Canton, GA 30144

Dear All the People:

The inspector asked us to write a letter of intent for what our barn will be used for after one of the construction roofer men on roof nailing things guessed what we could use the barn for. The man with a cigarette guessed it would be used for weddings which sent the inspector into a complete lock down waving all the flags. Our garage was turned into a living room by the former owner so we have no where to store my tools or even myself when I need to be stored away. With 6 children and my obsession with HGTV, it gets very dusty in our basement when I do crafts (table saws create a snowstorm of dust mind you). When I want to just sit in quiet with my friends–we are getting very wet in the pasture with no cover. I plan to use our new barn/garage for storing crafts, storing things like weed eater and other landscaping, bikes for our 6 kids, and some times myself and my mom friends.

We will not be having events, running an event facility or starting a business or anything like that. I mean–6 kids people–that’s about all the event I can handle. With 6 kids even breakfast at our house feels like an event. I personally will use the barn to some times hide from my children and to get a breath of fresh air before coming back across the pasture to be a mom to many ranging from 2 to 14–which means once I walk back in our door I do everything from potty training to reminding even 14 year olds to flush the toilet. I think there was some question about why I have a bathroom both inside the barn and outside the barn if this isn’t going to be used for weddings. To be honest some times I wish I had it together enough to host quiet events with Canon in D by Pachelbel magically playing for potty trained and clean people. However, the indoor bathroom…for the love–is MINE. All mine. The outdoor toilet–it’s for the muddy children who don’t know how to wipe and will leave me guessing…is that mud? That outside toilet isn’t for wedding guests–no sir. It will be for the stinky, sweaty boys who need to work it out on their new half basketball court for our boys–because I have 4. Maybe they will let the girls play–but I can assure you the girls won’t be using that outside toilet too.

The main intent of the barn sir–is MY sanity but I do hope to share it at some point with my children. While it won’t be used for weddings–I do hope my children one day to get married and fly the coop—and maybe even right here–who knows but right now I’m just hoping they all can one day do their own laundry and love each other. And should they want to move in our basement or the barn for long term stay I might need to write more than just a letter of intent;). In that case I’ll be selling the farm and moving to Florida-I might even need a drag of that guy’s cigarette on the way. 

Respectfully but very tired,

Andrea Young


Wiphan Schools in Zambia & Farm Prints to THANK YOU!

We have been a part of Wiphan Care since it’s first days–and it’s been a wild ride watching it grow from one school with 250 kids to 3 schools with almost 950 orphans and 150 widows. 2 of the 3 schools has fencing to protect the school and students as they learn and grow–but we still need a fence around our 3rd school. Check out this video about this goal we have for THIS week!

Wiphan / Fund-the-Fence Farm Prints from Wiphan Care Ministries on Vimeo.

We are so thankful that our friends and family have given so generously already. We created farm prints to THANK YOU as you give! We hope you enjoy them and bless others as you have also blessed the kids at Wiphan! Here’s your link friends for your prints and donor gift cards! PRINTS AND DONOR GIFT CARDS LINK


4 Things I Pray You Will Be {a 13 year old’s blessing}

We do this thing here when a child turns 13–the rite of passage into a new phase of maturity–where those who love and who have invested thus far write letters to champion the new teen into this next phase of life.

Last year for Parker’s 13th we had many write letters which were presented in an album to him at a special round table filled with men mentors who have been there for him through the years. This week my best friend’s son turned 13–and today he will receive the many letters others wrote to him including ours.

These are 4 things I pray for him in the next phase of life. May we raise kids who will BE THAT FRIEND to another…

Dear one your 13th Birthday…

First may I take a minute to boast that I’ve known about you just about as long as anyone. Bring your mom’s best friend for so many years—I have gotten the inside scoop on your life since the beginning. Which mind you—has also given me the privilege to fiercely love and pray over you since the beginning. I met you for the first time in Northside Hospital 13 years ago—and from that day since I haven’t missed a birthday and I’ve been on the receiving end of the best stories as your mom has proudly shared them. I consider myself blessed to know you your whole life, and I’m proud of the man of God you are. 

As I pray about what to bless over you on this special birthday that christens you into the teenage manhood years—I want to challenge you with the word FRIENDSHIP. 

I feel like challenging with this word is most fitting because it is the friendship with your mom through decades that brings us here today. I want to challenge you what to look for in a friend—BUT MOST OF ALL WHAT TO BE IN A FRIEND.

There are 4 things I pray you can BE and have one friend (just one Godly, God-fearing, God-finding and man after God’s own heart you need in your life—so never be deceived that popularity with friends and favor with God is the same. Seek to please Him alone dear one.) I am praying you can BECOME AND BE these 4 things to a faithful friend that will stand the same test of time your mom has to me…

1. May you be the steadfast friend. Steadfast can be described as “stick-with-it-ness” and loyal. In your teenage and adult years, may you be the man others find loyal. May others know because of your character where to find you—the first man to stand up when something is right and the last man standing when there is still need. May you be the friend that shows up and can be counted on. May you be the word keeper—the one who keeps his promises even when it’s hard.

2. May you be the kind friend. Kindness is easy when others are kind first or in return. But—may you also be the man who is kind in the face of unkindness. May you be slow to speak, slow to talk (react), and slow to become angry. May your words be seasoned with salt—fresh air and hope to a hurting world. May you be the lifter of hearts pointing to Jesus—and May you listen and hear and speak words of truth as the Holy Spirit places them on your heart. You have always been the kind one—don’t stop. In your steadfastness—keep being the kind one.

3. May you be the wise friend. I pray when you are uncertain which way to go, you are humble enough to wait and seek godly counsel. With your wisdom—stay humble as others see your wisdom. Recognize pride quickly and confess it just as quickly. Take a minute in every moment to ask your Savior is this the way you want me to go—in everything. He is faithful and will always show you. Be brave when everyone goes one way, and God shows you a more narrow path. The wisest decisions will be the “yes” moments where He asks you to trust Him in a different way than everyone else. Remember you will not be alone because He will go before you, with you and behind you.

4. May you be the fun friend. I know this one has you either smiling or surprised to end on this one as the others were quite serious. But never be too serious to lose site of the glorious adventure of the life God has given you. Don’t ever let the world tell you the fun friend is the friend who does the wrong thing, gets in trouble or displeases God. No. Your mom and I have had a lot of fun in life while being steadfast, kind and wise. Following Jesus can be radical, indescribable and silly FUN. So look for the adventure and hold up your hands for an unbelievable ride as you follow Him. Be the friend who says yes to good, clean fun even when you are an old man. Take the trip. Stay up late to see the miracle (like those sand turtles!) and celebrate the touchdown in life. 

You, dear one, have been such a good friend to my son. There are many things I see in you both as you both are true to conviction. I am so proud of the man you are becoming—and through your teenage years I will continue to pray for you. It is my prayer that you will have a friend who stands the test of time like I have in your mother. Be that kind of friend to someone else—and pray for the ones who are not. Never fret or worry when there are unkind friends each year because the world has many of those people—just stand true and tall in your steadfastness, kindness, wisdom and joyful fun with your eyes always up to the One who loves you most. Our family is here for you all your days—and if you ever need anything we are always here. We love you and wish you the best birthday as you begin a new stage of life! 


Mrs. Andrea

(Mr. Richard, Parker, Laney, Frank, Isaac, Zeke and Janie Claire)


Shipping the white out and inviting color in

I jumped on the bandwagon 5 years ago when we moved to the farm and went with neutrals, tons of white and a little bit more–WHITE. The only problem is…y’all this is so not me.

It may have felt crisp and clean–but I loved all the white furniture to the basement and decided blue velvet and a crazy yellow chair could replace it. I found fabulous Monet-like BRIGHT fabric and I grabbed a canvas to paint to tie all the color in. During nap time instead of snoozing–I pulled out my serger and sewing machines…and whipped these out for lots of pops of color that just sing happy all day long.

This acrylic on canvas I painted in the Spring is named “It Is Well”. The storms may come–but my Keeper provides so it is well with my soul. I love seeing these flowers and new life by this painting.

Find this fabric here…

Swavelle Mill Creek Glenburn Peony

I love having design that uplifts your heart. I couldn’t help but pull out my letterboard today to remind myself to always be expectant and ready for the good that is ahead…

Good things are coming. Be ready. So now you know why I keep a tambourine in my van. I actually keep it in the pocket of my door so when I come it I hear it ding😂. It’s like a reminder with each stop and errand that good things are coming!

Have a sweet week…filled with lots of color, joy and expectations for what’s ahead!