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Oh what a sweet day!! And I’m so thankful that 2 of my precious friends helped me pull off sharing with the kids in such a sweet way! I love to have a moment documented–so to have these pictures (and also video) of the kids finding out what we are having…just so sweet!! Tammy came to grab pictures and Angie grabbed the video–and Angie put together the basket full of balloons for our reveal that I could never have pulled off with 5 kids at home, a hubby just getting in from out-of-town this morning and homeschool with kids always right here;). Such a fun morning!!!

Eyes all closed! Even Oreo is waiting patiently to know if it’s another prince and Laney will remain the only princess OR if she will share her role…



Laney’s face!! PRICELESS JOY!

Oh happy day!!!!

This is me asking my girl if she’s just BESIDE HERSELF!


If you only knew how badly this girl has wanted a SISTER!!! It can be really confusing or hard when your parents say yes to adoption–and then you think you can say you want a sister. I’ll NEVER forget sitting Laney down to talk with her after we saw her 4th brother’s picture. We had been in the process a year earlier to adopt a little girl from China when we had to put in on hold. In between I had gotten Lyme disease and then after getting well hosted a teenage princess from Ukraine…and Laney was still LONGING for a sister. Then we saw Zeke’s picture after our miscarriage–and we were in love. I’ll never forget showing HER his picture and asking for her blessing in adopting ANOTHER brother. She didn’t hesitate. She wasn’t sad. She just said he was amazing–and we needed to do anything and everything as fast as we could to bring him home.

She would have been happy again with a little brother…but I know in her heart—because she’s confessed…deep down she would love a sister but she’s happy with what God chooses. I’m over the moon that the Lord would give her a little sister and us another little girl. JOY overflowed as we shared what we are having this morning…


We are so excited to add another princess to our team!!!


SO thankful and praying for a sweet healthy little girl!!! The Young crew can’t wait to meet our next little princess!!


With hearts that overflow today!!!

The Young Family!


Merry Christmas…

Young Christmas 2015 1

We are SO excited to share that the Young family is growing!!! (I told the boys to give their best Home Alone faces…and I think Zeke pulled that off well! HA!) We have waited to share this news when we were well into the 2nd trimester–and we are thrilled to share the Lord has showered us with blessings beyond our wildest imagination!!! I can’t believe I get to be a mommy to a wee-one AGAIN…and this timing is just beyond perfect!!! Truly God writes THE best stories!!!

We get to find out this week (WEDNESDAY!) whether we will be adding another boy to this crew…or just maybe Laney has a princess sidekick. The children are so excited and have been so prayerful about the health of the baby and can’t wait for May to get here!!

Young Christmas 2015 3

There are seasons when we wonder if God hears our prayers…and then there are seasons like this–where He is shining down so brightly saying over and over He has heard our hearts and we just need to rest and trust Him for the story that HE wants to write! Oh my. I could have never imagined such a beautiful story. Not easy. But so worth it!!! And now…here I sit seeing His sweet grace and love poured out on our family. We are so thankful this holiday and feel we have received the sweetest gift ever!!!

With full hearts and sweet celebration…we wish you and yours a very sweet holiday together as a family!

Love you all!



And just like THAT…she’s 10! {And a sweet visit!}

Where oh where does time go?! December first is here! Which means…well, 1–it’s the most wonderful time of the year of course!! BUT–it also means my only girl has a birthday. No more SINGLE digits here for my princess as she turns 10!!! Oh my what JOY this little girl has brought into our lives the last 10 years!


That’s our Laney loo on the left and her friend Elise Bolden on the right! Crazy that these two are STILL friends!

Oh Laney Loo we love you!! She’s our sweet princess…she’s always been so dainty and sweet…and some how stayed that way with FOUR brothers! Love exudes from this child’s heart and her love for Jesus overflows into our home. AND she’s super fun…can’t you tell…


So thankful how the Lord has grown this girl for the last 10 years…and oh my–I wish I had 10 more years of her in my home but I’m afraid we have less than that as this determined kiddo is always working ahead. Had to include a picture of her with her best friend her cousin Emma…those two are so much like me and my sister…I just love the friendship they share. Happy 10th birthday to my girl…and I can’t wait to celebrate with you next weekend after the crazy of the Nutcracker comes to an end!


AND…I just have to throw in as always any time we get a Princess Tetiana fix…LOOK who was at our farm this weekend?! She was QUITE the sport (as always!) and was just for taking a picture of Santa. Just in case you wondered…THIS is the real Santa;). Oh my WORD. He told the children the REAL meaning of Christmas–the most precious thing you have ever heard. He said he brings gifts just 1 day a year, but if you look to and follow Jesus you will soon see that He brings gifts EVERY day of the year!!


Santa has grandchildren adopted from China and Africa…and his prayer over our family was a tear-jerker. I didn’t expect his sharing that way with the kids and oh my–when he asked to pray with them…I melted!


And then of course it was fun with Tonya’s family—which always means sundaes! How much fun that 3 years later we are now extended family with this amazing family! No holiday is complete without time together!!!


Then–Richard and the kids pulled out the decorations. Deep down I wanted to decorate;)–but I decided to just let them play with all the decorations for a few hours before I actually moved after all the turkey overload;)


Okay…okay. So I finally moved and decorated–and I’m glad I did. And we are also really excited to share we will have a 2nd annual Worship Night on the Farm on December 19th!! So mark your calendars and save the date!!! We’d love to have you, your family and friends join us!

So that’s all in between homeschool craziness and momma is also really looking forward to another break;) I told you I’m not a natural homeschooler;) May you have blessed season soaking up the joy of Christmas and time with your family!





Created for Care’s First Marriage Retreat!

This past weekend was Created for Care’s FIRST marriage retreat!! We retreated on Berry College’s beautiful campus at the Winshape Retreat center that is mainly used for marriage retreats and intensives. We were thankful to have been led by one of Winshape Marriage’s very own–Matt and Nicole Turvey–who also recently adopted a little princess with special needs from China through Lifeline. Truly it was a sweet weekend–and I’m so thankful for the new friendships among couples that were formed there. How important it is to put our marriages first–ALWAYS…but especially during the demands of a growing family.

Friday night together. Worship. An amazing session. Then walking the grounds…just us.


Saturday morning started some pretty hilarious group activities where we remained with our spouse but worked with other couples. It was obvious that we’d be using this experience later as team work with your spouse was required 100% of the time. We were split up in teams–and it was really cool to see how some of the teams instantly connected! Team #1…they were something else!


Now…Team #3 (our team) wasn’t so shabby either;). Our couples worked out communication patiently and consistently to gel their spouse across some pretty crazy ropes course tasks. This top pic in the collage below makes me laugh because we had to get on the log rating ourselves on a scale of 10-0 on our risk taking and adventure when it comes to things like ropes courses. UM–Rico is a 10. I’m a zero;). Some how we work together–or I patiently trust he will come rescue me;)


Then we learned our group was assigned to the PAMPER POLE. Yes–you might want your Pampers on for this one. You climb to the top of a telephone pole with your spouse—and then you jump 6 feet out to grab a really high trapeze. Only 5% of those who attempt actually grab the trapeze–but oh my gracious–you have no idea how high this really was!!! The real challenge was getting TWO on the pole and trusting the other spouse to help and not hurt the balance of the other. Unfortunately–Rico Suave was forced to do this one solo but trust me…I cheered for him;) Sorry guys–Momma Young couldn’t handle it. BUT…some of the couples in our group totally did…


We had over 3 hours of CHILL with your spouse free time…and that was just GLORIOUS. When do you go to a retreat and you are forced to just REST. Shouldn’t that be included with all retreats?! Um. YES.

After glorious naps…while some rode bikes, fished or hiked…we had another session followed by an AMAZING time with Stephen and Beth Templeton. Beth has led sessions in the past at Created for Care and it was awesome to hear from a mom of 7 whose children are all grown. What wisdom and truth they poured into our hearts! After dinner together–we had bonfire fun and a weekend with Created for Care is never complete without photo prop fun:)



We ended the weekend at Frost Chapel and a sweet, sweet time of worship and commissioning to just BE beside our spouses…to rest together, worship together, work it out together and grow together. Truly an amazing weekend!!!


AND…we were even okay that this Auburn girl married to a UGA Georgia boy let our kids go to an Alabama game while we retreated with the most awesome aunt, uncle and Papa in history! They bought them LOTS of gear of their favorite team–and took our older boys to cheer on their team while Nana held down the farm carpooling Nutcracker craziness with the preschooler and kindergartner in tow;)


Rested UP and ready for the crazy fun of Thanksgiving!! Who would have EVER thought that the weekend RIGHT before Thanksgiving was the best time for a retreat! Oh my…it was perfect timing for us and we are all rested and ready for baking ahead!!! I think I’m so rested that it’s going to take me a bit to convince myself to start decorating for Christmas after Thanksgiving…hahah!! I usually have everything up by now–but not this year!! I’m enjoying each holiday and season and day as it comes…and making life as simple as possible. Farm life I guess is rubbing off on me–and I like it:)

Blessings from our home to yours,



When Your Call Is To Be A Bridge

Oh my heart.

You haven’t heard from me for some time.

Well–you can trust when I don’t write, it’s NOT because I’m being quiet…because if you know me–quiet is one thing I’ve never been. When I’ve been gone too long, it’s just because our hands are full…and so are our hearts.

Some of you might recall a beautiful story we lived through where the Lord led us to an Ukrainian orphan over 3 years ago. If you missed that…oh my gracious–y’all God writes THE BEST stories…so put down that fiction piece and read what God did that summer right here. It will BLOW your mind reading from start to finish. But you must start in the beginning…before we had fallen in love–when we were just available and following Jesus by just saying, “Okay. If you want us to–we are will open our home and trust you.” The rest of the story is MIND-BLOWING. It left me emotionally spent…not because it doesn’t turn out miraculous…well–because it DOES! We were spent because we went in not expecting to fall in love. And–well we did! We actually became so invested that when we realized God wasn’t calling us to adopt that we actually contemplated moving to Ukraine if we had to in order to keep her safe. Only He didn’t. Instead–He did the miraculous unimaginable. (Who would have ever guessed that 3 years later we would be celebrating EVERY holiday with this princess of a girl in our home…or us in her home with her and her most amazing family whom we adore to the moon and back! Only God can write stories like these! What an honor that we get to be a part of them if we just open our hands and say yes when He calls!)

After that–I was on my knees. Thankful. In awe. And amazed that we got to be a part of something so beautiful. And just with our yes…to simply be available FOR A TIME. BUT had we not said yes–I’m quite sure someone else would have. Because God has a plan and purpose for each person. Psalms says NOTHING can thwart God’s plans. If we hadn’t followed, we would have simply missed getting to see Him work and getting to be on the front lines of a miracle. The one thing I did ask God after that was this: “Please just never ask us to do that again Lord. Falling in love with a precious child…and then not being called–instead being called to be the BRIDGE…the ones used in a miracle to link where they are supposed to be to their final destination…oh Lord–use US Lord for the final destination!!! The bridge is beautiful–YES, but the bridge is hard when you have a momma’s heart! So, Lord–thank you for this beautiful journey that I will forgive hold sacred and treasure–but just please not again. I want THIS STORY to be my ONE sacred “bridge” miracle that I hold on to forever. Thank you and Amen.” 

So here we find ourselves again–sort of. Only this time we have fallen in love with not one–but a handful of amazing kids. The story is long–and too sacred to blog…but just as amazing and powerful as the one we were a part of before. Once again we have gotten to be a voice for the voiceless–then to SEE voice actually given and heard…and now for one sweet sweet before the big move–my home is full of these children waiting…to move into their forever family’s home THIS weekend.

Our children have played together for over a year at our church, but this summer is when everything really changed in their story. Their precious, single mom in the Hispanic community our church community pours into turned for the worse with cancer–and it quickly became evident that a plan should be in place. Months later we were brought into the plan and asked to potentially open our home forever to some of these children if they couldn’t all be together. So much happened and has happened that is just too holy and precious to share–but as we said yes in our spirits…the Lord spoke clear to my heart about what He has joined together. We quickly realized God was asking us to advocate for all 5 children to be together–and as we fell in love with them…we were open to them coming here…but He was asking for more…together. Once again, we felt God was asking us to again–be a BRIDGE. His voice was clear. And I confess–my heart didn’t want to hear that part at first–JUST BE A BRIDGE.

I’m not a very good middle mom or “bridge”. Standing at the end of the driveway being the one waving good-bye…no I’m not good at that. Who is good at that…right? What a calling to be the mom behind the wheel driving to adventure–but no matter how simple it might feel let’s also not forget how holy to get to be the bridge too.

So bridge it was–and we prayed. We made ONE phone call. ONE. God placed one family on my heart to call..not thinking THEY were “the family” that would jump right up and say yes–to bringing home 5. After all, they also have 5 littles ones already in their home. I called them because they are the family I always call when I know a little one who needs a home. They lead one of the largest foster and adoption support networks in Georgia–and I think the world of them and know how well connected they are to other adoption families with great big hearts for children. We called—we shared. Then they called back. And to our surprise–God was calling THEM.

God choose an amazing family. With open hands I always laugh during this saying, if anything were to happen to me–I’d trust that Martha to raise all my babies. She walks closely with Jesus–and so does her husband Andy. I never thought in a million years that was why God had placed THEM on my heart my heart to call. But I’m so thankful I listened to that little nudge–and even more thankful to watch these precious ones go live with a family we are really getting to know well now and who we think the world of.

It’s funny now to think back…how at first my hands wanted to hold on–my fingers wanted to hold tight. And still–my heart wants this time of being the bridge to stretch out–oh it’s been SO sweet! On Friday we get to back bags, pray for great big things in their futures and once again–how sweet of God to choose a family we know…so we will get to continue to be a part of their lives. I’m once again so grateful. What are the chances you get to be in the middle not once but twice in your life…I guess it’s just a simple yes–and being available. I’m so thankful we listened.

Created for Care prepared me to be this bridge…a piece of the puzzle I’m so honored to get to be…and kind of like fostering one that I didn’t realize my heart was created with the capacity to just love more and more and more and more. This journey again…now leaves me saying…“Jesus, thank you for using me. You know if you would have said GO to us–we would have. You know we wanted to. Thank you for giving us strength and direction to be still and be a voice for You. How precious this has been. Here are our hands. You can bring more and do this again if it’s Your will. The bridge–we embrace that role…how beautiful it is to be.”

The last few months have once again changed us…and our children. Our hearts are softer, our marriage more committed and our hearts are fuller. We have walked with other families in this and watched them open their homes and love deep and wide–willing to do anything for these kids–and our church community has been strengthened–it takes a village…and we have seen the body of Christ in beautiful ways. We have been friends to these littles–and now a bridge–and I’m excited to get to be a part of watching them now thrive together in a family. Every one in the village has played a different part–each such a special part. Each yes from each person has been blessed–taken risks–and it’s been hard, but good–with His hand over it all. And I am thankful.

We have shared hearts and listened a lot–and played more football in the front yard than you can imagine. We have broken bread and carved pumpkins and worshipped side by side. AND THIS WEEKEND—this bridge is meeting the other side–and passing the torch to the greatest adventure of all…family forever.

If you would like to follow the rest of their story and be a part of supporting the most amazing kids in history as they being a new life…you can read my precious friend’s blog with such great faith here.

We aren’t all called to foster or adopt, but maybe the Lord might call you to surround this family and be a part of their village as they double their numbers. Can you imagine?! Some times the people that touch us most when we are on the receiving end are most blessed as people who they don’t even know come around to support and serve them…so never underestimate how God might want to use you if you feel the nudge to ever say yes to blessing or supporting a family who is saying yes in a different way–maybe like doubling their family. There are a million ways you can support this amazing family–from praying for them, grocery gift cards (10 kids can eat!) or just giving whatever the Lord might place on your heart.

It’s amazing now to see their community surround and support them–and I’m once again over the moon that we will get to continue to be a part of their lives after they are home! I love seeing the excitement and momentum build in their community before they have ever even met these awesome kids–and being on “the other side” you see the ashes of loss…you walked with them in them after…so reading the excitement in blogs or posts from their community of those who haven’t met them but are so excited to meet them is super exciting and filled with such newness and hope. JOY COMES IN THE MORNING.

How beautiful it is to have walked together and to have been called even into the ashes of loss. As an adoptive parent and being in the community where many kids come to us after loss–we also know what hope is ahead…how one day there will be dancing again. And our YES’s. No matter what God calls us to–He will do BIG things in! I think some times we think for God to use us it has to be the BIG things…like adopting or being the one driving away with the car full. The little things–are really some times big things. When you say yes to Jesus–you walk in willing for anything–and you walk out amazed that you just had a piece…no matter how big or small…a beautiful piece for a time. This was our prayer for a family for all 5 children–and how thankful we are that they have said yes with joy, love and excitement to God’s call for them. As they trust the Lord with raising 10 children, will you pray for them? Will you pray if He might use you to support or encourage them in some way?

Maybe He wants to use YOU as a bridge in some way—right now. You’re small yes to whatever He is asking may be more life-changing than you can imagine. I challenge you to just say yes when He calls and if it’s being a bridge–stand sound and firm while those who need a place to cross can be sheltered and lifted up as they cross. Ask Him to be your strength and trust Him in the calling He has just for you. Truly God writes the best stories…and there’s more beauty to share around the corner with this one! So much beauty ahead!!!